The products we carry have high value and a ready market. Theft in the industry is a major threat and special vigilance is required to ensure the goods
are kept safe whilst in our custody. For these reasons this essential management function has been commissioned. 
Our controls in this sphere include: -

Tracking of all vehicle movements on a twenty four hours, seven days per week basis. 
Outside contractors are employed to undertake the sealing of all loaded vehicles and check on vehicles enroute to ensure the seals remain intact and
that safety regulations
are adhered too.

Our depot is guarded to monitor access and keep our facilities secure and safe.
All reported cases of goods in transit losses are investigated and appropriat corrective action taken.

Andre (Tas) Matthee
Security Risk Manager.

Security Cameras on Truck and Trailer - Click on an image to view larger photo

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Andre (Tas) Matthee joined the South African Police Services in 1987 where he served in various Specialized Units, including the Vehicle Theft Unit where he was promoted to Captain and became a Unit Commander in 2001.

During this time he was involved in various Cross Border operations and was also one of the leasing officers with Botswana Police Force. Numerous syndicates were identified and successfully brought to justice. Investigations included Fraud, Theft, Armed Robbery, hijacking etc. He also served with the Internal Security Dept. of the police where he investigated cases, including Sedition , Act on Interceptions, Act on Intimidation, Act on Terrorism, Act on Explosives, Act on Weapons and Ammo, etc.

He left the SAPS in 2006 where he joined up in a family owned business of private detectives where he investigated Insurance fraud pertaining to false claims which were instituted. In 2009 he joined Media 24 logistics Dept (On The Dot) as a Risk Department Investigator. He served with them for three years and joined Bakers Tankers in July 2012 as their Top Cop  

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