With ever-increasing traffic on our roads, monitoring and reducing air pollution is becoming more important in the efforts to protect human health from the effects of poor air quality. There is strong evidence to suggest that certain air pollutants can be a health hazard.


The quest for a comfortable existence has led humankind to create a highly convenient society. Today’s society, however, requires a vast amount of energy, and is causing problems, such as global warming, resource depletion, and environmental damage. We at Bakers Tankers want challenge these common issues to maintain a comfortable existence into the future for all.

Our natural environment is something that we must forever take care of, treasure and respect. We only have one planet, one earth, one environment and if we ruin it, we risk destroying it forever and causing irreversible damage that will be devastating for us and our generation but even more so for the future generations that haven't had a chance to live, experience and enjoy what we have.

There are many things that each and everyone of us can to do help protect our environment and reduce the impact that our life styles and way of living has on the environment. If we each do our bit for the environment, no matter how small, we can create a positive reversal on negative impact. By becoming more environmentally aware and through reducing each of our own carbon footprints, we can minimise the detrimental effect we have on our world.



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Environmental Vision


We do not regard transport as an end in itself and recognise that transport has an important role to play in achieving a wide range of social, economic and environmental objectives.


In order to make a contribution to these wider objectives our transport objectives are to have;


  • Transport services which are safer and less polluting


  • Improved local environments which encourage economic vitality.