Bakers Tankers is a new bulk liquid transport company created within the highly successful and respected Bakers Transport.

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Bakers Tankers is a new bulk liquids transport company created as a division within the
highly successful and respected Bakers Transport. Bakers Transport has always strived to set themselves apart from the general freight transport market; to operate rather as an expert carrier of volumetric cargoes. In like fashion to expand our business we have again sought out a specialist market niche; that of bulk liquids transport.

We realise fully well that the requirements of this transport sector demand extra skills uncommon in general freight operations. For that reason we have immediately recruited those professionals and added them to the already solid foundations of Bakers Transport

Mohammed “MG” Tayoob, formerly Marketing Director at Bakers Transport and our longest serving and most experienced executive, has been appointed Chief Executive of the Bakers Tankers Division.
MG was involved at the very creation of Bakers Transport more than 30 years ago. He has been instrumental in ensuring that the diverse disciplines involved, chiefly: Customer Relations, Operations, Technical, Financial and Human Resources policies are properly established and optimally functional to ensure Bakers Transport  have become entrenched as one of the leading independent transport company in South Africa.

Bakers Tankers will be structured on an operational level; very similarly to that of the foundation company. MG is a born entrepreneur and we have full confidence that the business will grow progressively under his tutelage.


We are highly aware that Safety, health, environmental protection, as well as broad based black economic empowerment are fundamental requirements of the Fuel and Chemical Industry and are key management focus areas for this new venture: -


Bakers Transport and the new division Bakers Tankers are 100% Black Owned and Managed businesses. Our 2007 BBBEE audit returned a BBBEE STATUS level 3 with a procurement status of 110%. We fully anticipate an improve status with our 2008 Audit which is due in June 2008. This is because the full points attributable from Workshop Procurement and our Driver Training Academy were not credited to the total scorecard as they were originally seen as separate businesses from the main Bakers Transport business.

In this vital area of responsibility we have recruited one of the Industries true professionals as a cornerstone of the business, Krish Lutchminarain is our appointee HSE Manager. Krish is recognised as an icon in the area of HSE within the Fuel and Chemical industry; his depth of knowledge in HSE is unparalleled.
Bakers; not only train drivers in customer service delivery, but also has a well established culture among its driving personnel of customer courtesy and a willingness to help. This culture has grown up over time and is often mentioned by our satisfied customers. Our drivers are in fact our best Salesmen; they not only set a good example in the field but are usually very keen to share any possible opportunity with management. Bakers have a rewards system; where any exceptional service and or business leads provided by drivers and which are converted into retaining or gaining new business is rewarded.

 We have acquired an initial fleet of 30 new generation Fuel Tankers and truck tractors already fully fitted with the requisite HSE equipment.  The tanker types include Interlink, Tri-axle Semi-trailer and Semi-trailer & Pup combinations. All vehicles are equipped with vehicle tracking and communications systems with security backup.

We have recruited only the very choice of fuel tanker drivers, each fully trained and experienced in this specialised field. We were able to make these informed selections based on the detailed personnel records of driving staff brought on board by our newly recruited HR professionals. Our HR personnel have preserved the active records of all the Fuel and Chemical trained driving personnel known to them at the time of the demise of a very large tanker business previously operating in South Africa and Botswana. Bakers would be proud to become involved as a supplier of services to your company if possible.
We are confident we will be able to successfully address a number of areas that may have proven problematic in the past:

Attractive Transportation Rates.
·   Capacity to grow
·   World-class Service Levels
·   Superb management and administration
·   A partnership approach in place of an abrasive client/contractor approach
·   Dedicated account management – single point of contact

Our company is made successful by enthusiastic people with high energy levels and excellent experience. We would like to be a positive contributor to the growth of your company



A company with over 4 decades of experience !!